Austria doesn't agree to start talks on Ukraine's accession to EU in current conditions – govt

Federal Chancellor Karl Nehammer, during a meeting with deputies of the National Council in the main committee on EU issues, spoke categorically against the "accelerated procedure" for Ukraine and Moldova to join the European Union, the press service of the Austrian Parliament said.

According to the parliament, Nehammer responded to APS deputies Petra Steger, Christian Hafenecker and Axel Kassegger that Austria would not agree to negotiations on Ukraine's accession in the current conditions. There should be no preferential treatment for Ukraine, especially in relation to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is also currently in accession negotiations.

He also pointed out that European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen did not consult before announcing the prospect of accession negotiations for Ukraine.

Separately, Nehammer said in order for the EU to be fit for enlargement, internal reforms must be carried out.

Nehammer said generally Austria continues to follow the EU line when it comes to solidarity with Ukraine, but without violating neutrality. He said this is primarily about financial assistance to support Ukraine as a state as a whole.