European Commission seeking solutions to stop Polish carriers' blockade of Ukrainian border

The European Commission remains in contact with the Polish and Ukrainian authorities in order to find a solution that would help to stop the blockade of the Ukrainian border by Polish carriers.

Spokesperson for the European Commission Adalbert Jahnz said this at a press briefing in Brussels on Thursday, while commenting on the results of a trilateral meeting on the issue between Poland, Ukraine, and the European Commission which was held on Wednesday.

"The Commission remains in constant contact with the Polish authorities and the Ukrainian authorities also to facilitate the contacts and discussions. A meeting took place yesterday [in the format of Ukraine-Poland-European Commission to discuss the blockade of the border by Polish carriers]. It was not a political level meeting and I am not really in a position to go into the details of all of the different contacts that are taking place. What I would recall is that our objective remains that the Polish and the Ukrainian authorities work together in order to come to solutions," he said.

The European Commission is also "looking at any possible practical solutions that can be taken by the authorities in order to response to the issues raised by the protesters and solve the situation at the border," Jahnz said.

"Our role in this context remains to facilitate and to be helpful to the authorities in this context. And we will continue to have contacts with all the affected parties," he said.