Ministry of Health in 2023 reduces number of drugs purchased through MAA mechanism - Sanofi

In 2023, the Ministry of Health unilaterally reduced the number of drugs that were to be purchased under already concluded managed access agreements (MAA), said Oleksandr Yanev, director of the legal department of the pharmaceutical company Sanofi in Ukraine.

"In 2023, despite the quantity of goods fixed in the agreement and, accordingly, a large discount from Sanofi, at the initiative of the Ministry of Health, the number of goods was significantly reduced. In addition, since payments are made in national currency, in fact only the non-resident supplier bears risks associated with fluctuations in the exchange rate of the hryvnia,” he said in an interview with the Interfax-Ukraine agency.

According to Yanev, the negotiations on the conclusion of MAAs should be taken out of the sphere of the Ministry of Health and should be completely transferred to Medical Procurement of Ukraine, “which is fully responsible for public procurement in the healthcare sector and has established itself as a transparent and effective institution.”