19:45 27.02.2024

Govt adopts resolution on guarantees of origin of electricity from renewable energy sources – Ministry of Energy

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At a meeting on Tuesday, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the resolution "On the introduction of guarantees of origin of electricity produced from renewable energy sources," developed by the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine jointly with the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission of Ukraine (NEURC).

"Its implementation will help attract foreign investment in the construction of new green capacities even in war conditions," the Ministry of Energy said on its website on Tuesday.

The document approves the procedure for issuing, handling and repaying guarantees of origin of electrical energy produced from renewable sources and the procedure for determining the environmental value of this electricity.

The resolution also provides for the creation of a register of guarantees of origin, which will be administered by NEURC. Guarantees will be generated electronically in MW-hours in accordance with the volumes of electricity supplied from renewable energy sources provided by the commercial accounting administrator.

"Guarantees of origin for the supplied green electricity by renewable energy producers who are provided with state support (in the form of a feed-in tariff or future auctions) will belong to the state-owned enterprise Guaranteed Buyer," the Ministry of Energy said.

The ministry added that the introduction of guarantees of origin of electricity will significantly increase the export potential of the Ukrainian energy sector, since consumers of electricity will be able to confirm its origin from renewable energy sources and its environmental value in the form of the volume of CO2 emissions that were avoided.

"This will allow industrial enterprises to prove that their goods were produced from clean energy and, accordingly, increase the competitiveness of Ukrainian goods on the European market," the ministry said.

According to Energy Minister Herman Haluschenko, whose words are given on the ministry's website, despite the colossal damage and loss of capacity suffered by green energy since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, more than 650 additional MW of renewable energy capacity was built in the country in 2022-2023.

"The introduction of guarantees of origin for electricity produced from renewable energy sources is another step towards the development of green energy in Ukraine," the minister said.